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The best conditions to observe the Perseid meteors will be across northeast Germany, Denmark, and southern Sweden. Then across eastern Europe and the Balkan peninsula into southeast Europe and Mediterranean. Improved conditions are also expected across southern Spain Further, the Calendar hopefully continues to be a useful tool to plan your meteor observing activities. 2020 Highlights. The first quarter Moon on January 3rd creates excellent viewing conditions for the expected Quadrantid meteor shower (QUA) maximum on January 4 th 08h20m UT - λ⊙ 283 . 15, expected ZHR = 120 (can vary ≈ 60-200). The 08h UT timing for the peak will be favourable for North America, whereas European observers should spot the activity increase all along the night. The. The Perseids are one of the best-known meteor showers and can be seen in August around 12 August. The radiant is in the constellation Perseus, just below the familiar 'W' of the constellation of Cassiopeia. At this time of year this can be seen reasonably high in the north-eastern sky at nightfall See meteor shower animation to find out visibility conditions for viewing the meteor shower from your location. What Is a Meteor Shower? A meteor shower is when a number of meteors — or shooting stars — flash across the night sky, seemingly from the same point. Learn more about meteors . Yearly Meteor Showers . Quadrantids January Lyrids April Eta Aquarids May Perseids August Draconids.

By Mark Kaufman Dec 12, 2020 NASA enthusiastically recommends that you check out the sky. The peak of the brilliant annual Geminids meteor shower is happening on Dec. 13 and 14, the space agency.. The Perseid meteor shower is regularly one of the top three meteor showers of the year, and the 2020 showing in mid-August will be much better than the one from 2019 Like the South Taurids, the North Taurids meteor shower is long-lasting (October 12 - December 2) but modest, and the peak number is forecast at about five meteors per hour. The North and South.. The people who got a look at the meteor shower reported that they saw bright red, green and yellow lights. The next meteor shower will take place between April 19 to May 20 in 2021. Some very cool footage coming in after a fireball lit up the sky around 6:30 this morning. This video was captured by Melanie Babineau's doorbell cam in Cochrane

A meteor shower is a celestial event in which a number of meteors are observed to radiate, or originate, from one point in the night sky.These meteors are caused by streams of cosmic debris called meteoroids entering Earth's atmosphere at extremely high speeds on parallel trajectories. Most meteors are smaller than a grain of sand, so almost all of them disintegrate and never hit the Earth's. The peak of the Geminid meteor shower this year is on December 14th, at 00:50 UTC (2 am central Europe). In other words, this means *perfect* conditions for observers in Europe as meteors are normally best visible in the final pre-dawn hours as the radiant is higher in the sky The meteor shower is touted as the most prolific of the year, as between 50 and 60 meteors per hour will light up the sky. It will run through to the third week of August, and will not return until..

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Instagram Post by Gemidid Meteor Shower • December 19, 2019 at 03:44AM PST. via instagram.com. Geminid Meteor Shower is at Earth. December 31, 2020 · We wish you a Happy New Year ☄️ Night Light Films. See All. Videos. Geminid Meteor Shower 2020 5. Geminid Meteor Shower ☄️. See All. Photos. See All. See More. Halloween fireworks won't be the only things illuminating the atmosphere this month, as shooting stars are also set to light up the sky in the coming weeks. The annual Orionid meteor shower will occur from around 2 October to 7 November, and gets its name because the meteors radiate from the Orion constellation Europe Middle-East and Africa Politics Business Opinions Live: The Geminid meteor shower dazzles 2020. Updated 22:40, 12-Dec-2020 Share . Copied. As one of the three major meteor showers in the northern hemisphere, the annual Geminid meteor shower peaks this year on December 13 and 14 with as many as 150 meteors per hour. Join CGTN for the dazzling Geminids from points of China at the Jade. Perseid meteor shower. In the northern hemisphere, the Perseids peak on the August nights 11-12 and 12-13, 2020. The Perseids are debris released from 109P/Swift-Tuttle comet as it revisits the inner solar system. It is a strong meteor shower, which you can observe in the comfort of the warm summer night Keep your eyes on the early morning skies for the oft-neglected Ursid meteor shower on December 22, on the heels of the winter solstice. This small meteor shower will be visible only the Northern.

Related: Perseid meteor shower 2020: When, where & how to see it. Aug. 11 at 6 p.m. ET: Virtual Telescope Project. The Virtual Telescope Project will be hosting a live Perseids-watching event. When is the Perseid meteor shower in 2020? In 2020 the Perseid meteor shower is active between 17 July and 24 August, with the number of meteors increasing every night until it reaches a peak in mid-August, after which it will tail off. Shower Name. Date of Maximum. Normal Limits. Rate/Hour. Description. Perseids . 11/12 August 2020: 16 July - 23 August. Maximum 100 (under perfect conditions. The Quadrantid meteor shower. T he Quadrantid meteor shower is the first major meteor shower of 2020. It takes place from December 28 to January 12, and peaks on the night of January 3 and early. The Geminid meteor shower, which will likely be the very best meteor display of the year, is just around the corner, predicted to peak late on Sunday night (Dec. 13) The June Boötids meteor shower—occasionally called the June Draconids or Boötid-Draconids meteor shower—runs annually between June 22 and July 2, but peaks in the early hours of June 27, 2020

I captured some falling stars from the Geminid Meteor Shower and created a quick video. I hope you enjoy it.Journey With Me: http://www.youtube.com/subscript.. While the Geminid meteor shower is active between December 4-17, 2020, your chances of seeing the most shooting stars at once begins midevening—around 9 or 10 p.m. your local time—on Sunday, December 13 through dawn on Monday, December 14, according to EarthSky.org. The greatest number of meteors should be visible around 2 a.m. in your local time zone The Ursid meteor shower is expected to peak some time during the night of December 21 and will be visible until the early morning of December 22. This celestial display is associated with the comet 8P/Tuttle, also known as Comet Tuttle, which orbits the Sun once every 13 years How to see the Geminid meteor shower 2020 in the UK: Date and time Geminids peak, and what to look for Everything you need to know about this spectacular celestial event. By Joanna Whitehead. More than 100 meteors per hour can be counted in a typical year's shower, but 2020's showing could boast as many as 150 meteors per hour in very dark areas, according to the American Meteor.

The meteor shower of the Eta Aquarids reaches its peak around May 6th. While it is the strongest meteor shower of the year in the southern hemisphere with ar.. The meteor shower is expected to peak on the mornings of May 5 and 6, but it coincides with the coming full moon, which is also a supermoon, on May 7. The amount of visible meteors will also be. The Quadrantid meteor shower is the first major meteor shower of 2020. It takes place from December 28 to January 12, and peaks on the night of January 3 and early hours of January 4. Unlike other..

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Meteor shower 2020 dates Perseids. Peak 12th - 13th August. Range 16th July to 23rd August. Rate/Hour: 5. What are they? Fast, bright meteors, with trains. Linked to Comet Swift-Tuttle. Draconid. In 2020, the shower's peak favors observers in the east of North America, though those in northern Europe should see a good display in the hours before dawn on the morning of January 4 THE BIGGEST meteor shower of 2020 reached its peak brightness in the early hours of this morning. Stargazing photographers were able to capture some stunning shots of the fireballs that can glow i Lyrid meteor shower. The Lyrids Meteor shower occurs between Apr 16 and Apr 25 every year, and 2021 is no exception. These meteors travel through the atmosphere at approximately 107,000mph and.

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In 2020, the shower's peak favours observers in the east of North America, though those in northern Europe should see a good display in the hours before dawn on the morning of January 4. If skies are clear it is definitely worth wrapping up warm and heading out to observe the most elusive of the year's big three. Lyrids [N/S; N preferred Meteor Showers in 2020 That Will Light Up Night Skies All year long, Earth passes through streams of cosmic debris. Here's a list of major meteor showers and how to spot one The peak is early Saturday, Jan. 4. Look to the northeastern sky overnight on Jan. 3-4, 2020 for the peak of the 2020 Quadrantid meteor shower. (Image credit: NASA JPL) Early Saturday morning (Jan... This December, we'll be treated to one of 2020's brightest and best meteor showers: the Geminids. While this celestial event is a regular highlight of the meteor year, occurring every December,..

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Europe Middle-East and Africa Politics Business Opinions 14-Dec-2020 Dazzling Geminid meteor shower graces Yunnan's night sky. Share . Copied. 00:48 A dazzling Geminid meteor shower was seen above the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province in southwest China. The Geminids appearing to emerge from the Gemini constellation are pieces of an asteroid known as 3,200 Phaethon. The 2020 Geminid meteor shower is expected to peak around December 14 and is likely to put the best light show at around 01:00 UTC, when its radiant point is highest in the sky. Another celestial event is set to occur on the same day as a total eclipse will be visible from the South Pacific, Chile, Argentina, and the South Atlantic between 13:34 and 18:53 UTC

Viewing the Ursid Meteor Shower in 2020. by Robert Lunsford - Dec 15, 2020 - Location of the Ursid (URS) radiant on December 21/22, looking slightly east (right) of due north. The Ursid meteor shower Meteor Activity Outlook for December 12-18, 2020. by Robert Lunsford - Dec 11, 2020 - 3 . During this period, the moon reaches its new phase on Monday December 14th. At this time, the moon is. December 21, 22 - Ursids Meteor Shower. The Ursids is a minor meteor shower producing about 5-10 meteors per hour. It is produced by dust grains left behind by comet Tuttle, which was first discovered in 1790. The shower runs annually from December 17-25. It peaks this year on the the night of the 21st and morning of the 22nd. The first quarter. When does the Perseid Meteor Shower peak in 2020? The Perseids peak the night of Tuesday, August 11, through the predawn hours of Wednesday, August 12, when Earth makes its way through the densest cloud of debris from the comet The Monocerotid meteor shower will be active from 5 December to 20 December, producing its peak rate of meteors around 8 December. Over this period, there will be a chance of seeing Monocerotid meteors whenever the shower's radiant point - in the constellation Monoceros - is above the horizon, with the number of visible meteors increasing the higher the radiant point is in the sky One of the best meteor showers of the year to watch, the Perseid meteor shower is due to reach a peak between the 12 and 13 August as Earth passes through the trail left behind by the very large comet Swift-Tuttle. The shower this year is expected to feature around 80 meteors per hour at its peak, including bright streaks and fireballs

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  1. The Ursid meteor shower is the least observed of the major annual showers. In the northern hemisphere December nights are cold and often cloudy. Another hindrance is the fact that it peaks just before the Christmas holiday when many people are busy with holiday festivities. This shower is completely invisible from the southern hemisphere as the radiant lies too far north to be seen from south.
  2. Perseids-2020-CloudCoverForecast-WedPM. As for the weather, the map above shows the expected cloud conditions across Canada for Wednesday night. WATCH FROM ANYWHERE. If your skies are cloudy or you miss out on the opportunity to get outside for this event, don't worry! You can see the meteor shower from various online sources! According to NASA's Watch the Skies blog, each morning, the public.
  3. October's Draconid meteor shower - sometimes called the Giacobinids - is expected to peak at nightfall or early evening on October 7, 2020. Try watching the evenings of October 6 and 8, too

They occur in the early hours for Europe, for example, but in the evening for America's east coast (where it will still be the 6th), when the radiant in Draco will be high in the sky. The meteors are called Draconids because the shower's radiant is in the constellation of Draco, the Dragon, not far from the bright star Vega. They are sometimes also known as the Giacobinids after the name. Friday, December 11th 2020, 3:00 pm - With the New Moon approaching, the Geminids have the best viewing conditions of any meteor shower for 2020. On the night of Sunday, December 13-14, stargazers.. Lyrid Meteor Shower 2020: Watch It Peak in Night Skies. A shooting star from the Lyrid meteor shower in 2013. Credit... Jimmy Westlake/NASA. By Nicholas St. Fleur. Published April 21, 2020 Updated.

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Skygazers are set to catch a glimpse of celestial fireworks on Thursday night as the Earth passes through a cloud of cometary dust. The Draconids meteor shower, also known as the Giacobinids, will.. One of nature's greatest light shows, the Perseid meteor shower, is visible over Northern Ireland Perseids Meteor Shower 2020 Story: The peak of the meteor shower is tonight but my whole area is covered in clouds so I jumped the gun and went last night and captured a handful of meteors over my. Sat 12 Dec 2020 18.13 EST 246 Australian stargazers are set to be treated to a galactic display as planets align and shooting stars light up the night sky through the next week. The space party.. Draconid Meteor Shower Wednesday, October 7, 2020 | Early Evening U.S., Canada, Europe and Northern Asia FREE to watch. You can also be on the lookout for shooting stars on October 6 and 8, too. Some years, hundreds of meteors in a single hour have been spotted, but usually this shower is not as abundant as others. Source: Earthsk

While 2020 may go down in the history books as a year we'll want to forget, some of the year's bright spots came from the cosmos (literally). 2020 brought us amazing cosmic spectacles like the Halloween blue moon, a total solar eclipse, the Geminid meteor shower and the 'Christmas Star' conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn.. 2021 is expected to keep up the pace as the year comes with. The Leonid meteor shower is associated with the comet Tempel-Tuttle and is expected to peak between midnight on November 16 and the following dawn. It is more prolific than the Taurids and is expected to produce 15 to 20 fast-moving meteors per hour. The final event of the month is a penumbral lunar eclipse, which occurs when the moon enters Earth's outer shadow. It is due to take place on. The first meteor shower of spring, known as the Lyrid meteor shower, will present a night skywatching show beginning on Sunday evening and peak on Wednesday night As many as 120 meteors will fall in an hour on Sunday, December 13 when a stunning meteor show dazzles Dubai. The Geminid meteor shower began around December 4, but the peak is set to be on.

The meteor shower will still be able to be seen throughout the week, however it reached its peak at around 50 meteors per hour last night. Meteors can be seen against the backdrop of the night sky. For any meteor shower, In 2020, the shower's peak favours observers in the east of North America, though those in northern Europe should see a good display in the hours before dawn on the morning of January 4. If skies are clear it is definitely worth wrapping up warm and heading out to observe the most elusive of the year's big three. Lyrids [N/S; N preferred] Active: April 14 - 30.

The Southern Taurid meteor shower, which started in September and overlap with the Northern Taurids, also originates from Comet 2P/Encke. It peaked on October 29 and 30, according to AMS. It. Why Sunday's meteor showers were extra special for UAE viewers. COVID-19-weary residents, tourists say it was the best thing that happened to them in 2020 Muscat: Every year, the Geminid meteor shower is active between December 4 and 16. The skies of the Sultanate will witness meteor showers for two days (including December 14), with the greatest number of meteors produced at the rate of 120 meteors per hour The Lyrid meteor shower will peak on the night of 21-22 April 2020 Watch Ships, Sea & the Stars : Apollo 13 special Tune into our weekly video series hosted by physicist Helen Czerski, and find out more about epic 'Journeys Into the Unknown' Europe. Brexit; Africa; Americas . US Presidential Elections 2020 UAE residents witness spectacular meteor shower. More than 120 meteors fell in an hour from Dubai skies . Published: December.

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In 2020, the shower's peak favours observers in the east of North America, though those in northern Europe should see a good display in the hours before dawn on the morning of January 4. If skies are clear it is definitely worth wrapping up warm and heading out to observe the most elusive of the year's big three The Lyrid meteor shower, which peaks April 21-22, 2020, will be met with good to fair conditions in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. AccuWeather On peak night, the moon will be a slight sliver of a. Draconid Meteor Shower 2020. a gallery curated by Flickr. October's Draconid meteor shower is expected to peak on the evening of October 7 - 8 this year. Comment below to share your best captures with us and don't forget to fave or leave an encouraging note for your favorites. read more read less. 10 items · 3.8K views · 11 comments Flickr says: Meteor Over Meteora, Greece by ioannis. The Geminid meteor shower, one of the great meteor showers of the year, is coming in just a few days. Here's how to see it. On the night of December 13 and the early morning of December 14, the Geminid meteor shower could delight skygazers with a dazzling display of shooting stars. The Geminids are one of the newer meteor showers, first being seen in 1862. These annual displays can often be.

Watch These 9 Rare Meteor Showers Peak Before the End of 2020 By Sissi Cao • 10/20/20 3:48pm A meteor streaks across the night sky during the Geminid Meteor Shower over Harishchandra Fort on. Geminid meteor shower dazzles night skies Close The Geminid meteor shower happens every year in December when the Earth passes through the debris of an asteroid The LIC1 camera of the Canary Long-Baseline Observatory (CILBO) on Tenerife captured the peak of the 2020 Perseid meteor shower in mid-August, detecting dozens of meteors in a single night. One of the most spectacular annual meteor showers, the Perseids, made of debris from comet Swift-Tuttle, have been observed by sky-watchers for thousands of years The Best Meteor Showers To See In 2020 Quadrantids [N]. Active: December 28 - January 12 The Quadrantids are the first of the big three meteor showers of the... Lyrids [N/S; N preferred]. Active: April 14 30 The Lyrids are a shower with a long and storied history with records... Eta Aquariids. In addition, there is the Taurid meteor shower, which appears to originate near the constellation of Taurus. It will peak over 9-10 October and 10-11 November in 2020

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The 2020 Geminid meteor shower is active between 4-17 December, with peak activity occurring towards the end of this weekend, on the night of 13/14 December. Advertisement. This year the Geminid shower is expected to peak at 00:50 UT on 14 December, in the middle of a long, dark night. The radiant position is good too, culminating south at an altitude nearly 70˚ up around 02:00 UT. The. Taking place between Jul 17 to Aug 24, and reaching its peak on Aug 12 to 13, the Perseid meteor shower, allows stargazers to witness around 160 and 200 meteors entering Earth's atmosphere every. A poor start for meteor showers in 2021 but things get better with a possible spectacular surprise later in the year. Here's your guide on when and where to look to catch nature's fireworks Meteor shower and rare planetary alignment close out 2020 According to Boyle, the Geminid meteor shower will be able to be seen in all directions of the sky with the naked eye. It's best.

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Update on the ongoing chi Cygnid meteor shower Peter Jenniskens SESSION 3 - Outreach and special events 11:00-11:10 Meteor Shower as key for Astronomy Outreach in Nepal Suresh Bhattarai 11:15-11:25 Fake news vs Fake Fireballs (Miscellaneous session) - NO VIDEO Regina Rudawska 11:30-11:40 Another Daylight Fireball over The Netherlands: the event of August, 25, 2020 Felix Bettonvil 11:45-11:58. Major Meteor Showers in 2020. by Wes Stone. Jump to: Quadrantids, Lyrids, Eta Aquariids, Southern Delta Aquariids, Perseids, Orionids, Leonids, Geminids, Ursids or Other Sources of Meteor Activity. Here are the 8 most dependable and prolific meteor showers for Northern Hemisphere observers (plus one bonus/challenge shower), and tips on when to watch and what you might see. The biggest problems. Check this sky calendar to find out when bright shooting stars will be zipping across the night sky in 2020, as the best meteor showers arrive and peak. These are the months and dates to mark down. The Quadrantid meteor shower will produce up to 120 shooting stars per hour during its peak this week. Here's how to see 2020's impressive first meteor shower The Quadrantid meteor shower is rich but short-lived, so observers in the UK and Western Europe are likely to get the best views looking east between 6am and the first light of nautical dawn around 7am GMT on Saturday, 4 January 2020. This simulated view shows a quadrant of the sky centred on southeast as seen from the heart of the British Isles at 6am GMT, which is two hours before the.

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  1. The celestial event is often heralded as the fall's best meteor shower, and 2020 could be a particularly good year for viewing its shooting stars — that is, where the weather cooperates
  2. Tuesday April 21, 2020, 2:15 PM The Lyrid meteor shower - considered to be the oldest known shower - is set to dazzle the night sky with up to 18 meteors expected each hour
  3. Europe; Africa; North America; 中文 ; Français; Русский; Deutsch; Español; عربي; 한국어; 日本語; Português; In pics: Perseid Meteor Shower in China's Gansu Source: Xinhua| 2020-08-13 22:37:12|Editor: huaxia. This long-time exposure photo taken on Aug. 13, 2020 shows the Perseid Meteor Shower in Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park in Zhangye, northwest China's Gansu.
  4. id meteor shower is active between December 4 and December 17. They are considered to be the best annual meteor showers worth witnessing in the sky. Most of the meteor showers start from comets, but the Ge
  5. Where can we see Perseids meteor shower 2020 in the UK? For viewers in the UK, Perseus is towards the north east as the sun sets, and will be visible until the sun rises again, Edward explains. For best viewing, try to get somewhere with a clear horizon, elevated if possible, and as isolated as you can from artificial light sources. The peak of the Perseids is quite active, so you may be.
  6. ids, the Quadrantids or any other powerful Meteor Shower enter the Earth's atmosphere, you'd better be.
  7. Perseid meteors appear in the sky between July 17 and August 26, and the shower reaches its peak - typically delivering up to 100 meteors per hour - on the night of August 11-12. Tonight, if you.

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Geminids meteor shower 2020: How to watch it and what to expect. ABC Science / By Genelle Weule. Posted Thu Thursday 10 Dec December 2020 at 7:45pm Thu Thursday 10 Dec December 2020 at 7:45pm. There may not be a whole lot going on in our social lives right now, but May 2020's skies will be positively raving for stargazers. First cab off the rank is the Eta Aquarids meteor shower, set to light up the heavens from May 5-6, peaking on Tuesday night in the Southern Hemisphere — a true highlight of the cosmic calendar The 2020 Orionid meteor shower lasts from October 2 to November 7, peaking on the morning of Wednesday, October 21. The show is one of the most beautiful showers of the year, according to NASA

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  1. id Meteor Shower 2020. Things to do. Recommended. Photograph: Shutterstock. Time Out says. Friendly warning! We're working hard to be accurate. But these are unusual times, so please check.
  2. The Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-tourism Project in Sharjah has geared up its preparation for the Perseid Meteor Shower, scheduled to light the UAE skies on Sunday from 8pm to 1am
  3. Meteor Shower 2020. The Taurid meteor shower has not been at its visible best this year due to the brilliant moon prevailing in the night skies. The moon turned full on Halloween night, a term that is called the Blue Moon. Since then, it has been waning and will be in its last quarter starting Sunday, November 8. Those interested in seeing the meteor shower can gaze up at the sky before the.
  4. From eclipses and meteor showers to Mars missions and ground-breaking rocket launches, 2020 is expected to be an extraordinary year in space. Three Mars rovers are set to launch this summer
  5. g together for a.
  6. The Perseid meteor shower is one of the brightest showers in the celestial calendar, with up to 100 shooting starts an hour to be seen if you're in the Northern hemisphere

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  1. The Perseid Meteor shower will peak August 11-12, 2020
  2. id meteor shower appears to be growing more dramatic, with up to 160 shooting stars per hour seen in recent years. Now the Stars are Shooting for You! Here's a look at how to find the Ge
  3. In Australia, the shower will be most visible after midnight, but the Bureau of Meteorology has predicted there will be no meteor storm - which occurs when 1000 meteors per hour are seen
  4. ids show. The little-known sigma Hydrids and Puppid/Velids will serve as warm-up acts for the biggest annual celestial event

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  1. Perseid Meteor Shower: How to watch the most popular meteor shower of 2020. By Nikita Singh. August 9, 2020. Facebook. Twitter. WhatsApp. ReddIt. Telegram. The Perseid meteor shower is now active and will be seen soon. The shining Perseid is the most popular meteor shower of the year. The Perseid is one of the brightest patches of shooting stars. Now, we can use them in a more efficient way.
  2. g days, making it a great time to grab a lawn chair and gaze at the stars. The Northern Taurid meteor showers have been spotted in the.
  3. g similar events: 25/3/2020 18/5/2020 25/5/2020 19/6/2020 11/8/2020. Partial Solar Eclipse 21 June 2020 Top . About 85% of the solar disc area is being blocked by the Moon at the greatest eclipse seen in Hong Kong. Ease of Observation . Easy. How to See? Safety Tips 1.
  4. The Eta Aquariid meteor shower will peak in Australia on the morning of May 6. Milner said for the shower to be visible, the radiant - the point at which the meteors appear to come from in the sky - needs to be above the horizon. Prime viewing So don't go out before 2am, she said
  5. Orionid meteor shower 2020: when to see it and what you'll see where you live in Australia. ABC Science / By Genelle Weule. Posted Tue Tuesday 20 Oct October 2020 at 7:15am Tue Tuesday 20 Oct.

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7 Oct 2020, 10:10; Updated: 9 Oct 2020, 8:38; THE DRACONID meteor shower reached peak brightness on Thursday, October 8 - but is still visible until October 10. It's best viewed as soon as it. The Royal Greenwich Observatory stated: In 2020 the Perseid meteor shower is energetic involving 17 July and 24 August, with the number of meteors raising each night until eventually it reaches a peak in mid-August, following which it will tail off. This calendar year the peak falls on the evening of the 12th and ahead of dawn on August 13. Observers can search out for the shower.

Mehr News Agency - Geminids meteor shower in Iranian skyMeteor showers to watch out for in 2020, including theThe Perseid meteor shower - in pictures | World news | The
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